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We host super fun video game tournaments and specialty events across Orange County, California.

Meet new people, make new friends and then crush the competition playing your favorite current and retro video games.

Upcoming Events:

Next Tournament

6pm Friday December 16th Huntington Beach, CA

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Video Game Tournament – 1v1

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There will be no cash or “side” betting allowed at our venues or events. Also, arguing about the outcome of a game (beyond a reasonable amount) will not be tolerated. Side betting or excessive arguing will get you ejected from our tournaments. We do our best to keep things fair but our number one priority is to keep our events fun and attitudes respectful toward each other. Remember these tournaments are meant to be fun. They are not meant to be life-or-death, super serious Olympic-level events or ways in which adults win their rent money by playing video games against children. Long story short, let’s all do our best to keep it fun, casual and polite. Thank you.